My dads wife has been here over a year. We love the caring staff and how hard they work to keep her happy. Can’t say enough good about these lovely people.

Sunny S.

We currently have a relative residing at this facility and are extremely happy with everything. From the administration on down, this facility is highly professional and very caring to all of its residents. The facility is always clean and the food being served is very well prepared. This is one of the best run facilities we have ever seen. We highly recommend it if a loved one can no longer live independently. .

Kathleen M.

I took the time to call Oakridge before my father was suggested to go to a skilled nursing facility. I called to talk with a Director, and had an initial in-depth conversation with Michael. We spent a good hour going over their process, goals, and what a comfort it was having this first initial call. Then we met with Oakridge the same day to tour and meet staff, the positive vibe kept in motion, informative  Information got a great tour was also introduced to the head of physical therapy speech and occupational therapy yes on the 1st visit they hit a home run with their presentation and their overall business skills my father ended up choosing this facility and we could not be happier friendly staff experience nurses it is a very clean facility we cannot thank Oak Ridge enough for all the care and support they had for our father 5-star rating.

Tim M.

My sister has been in the care of Oakridge for the last 4 1/2 years. She has suffered from schizophrenia a since she was 19 and she is now 69 years old. She had a brain bleed and has trouble communicating her words and is in a wheelchair. I have found the staff to be warm welcoming and wonderful to my sister over these past years. I would highly recommend this facility with anyone looking for part-time care or permanent care for their loved one. She loved her roommates they like to sing. She has the option to have something different to eat if what they are serving for the day doesn’t appeal to her. We have quarterly meetings with the staff to discuss her care.

A big hug & a great deal of thanks to the staff for the care you give every day!

Bonnie B.

This facility has done an amazing job taking care of its patients during the Covid 19.  They are very caring and follow up about my family member every week and keep me informed as to progress! From the director down, all the staff shows a lot of compassion and care towards all its patients. Highly recommend for your family needs.

Kathy M.

My Mom has been at Oakridge healthcare center for 3 1/2 years and they have always taken very good care of her. Because they are a smaller facility, each resident gets more attention. They have made sure to keep me updated. They have called me when she has needed things. Mom is very happy there. They have acted quickly when necessary. They have given additional therapy when necessary. They feed her well. The administrators Jason and Michael are easy to interact with and the nurse Jessica is exceptional!

Ben W.

I was in Oak Ridge for about three months while recovering from Guillain Barre Syndrome.  The entire staff from house keeping to the doctors, pharmacist were all terrific!  Their physical therapy staff are second to none!

Sheri B.

When I toured the facility it was clean and pleasant smelling. I met with Michael in Admissions and he was friendly, knowledgeable and really listened to my questions and concerns. I highly recommend this facility over any other in Roseville.

Kristen K.

My aunt was recently at Oak Ridge. She had amazing care and love by the staff there. We highly recommend this place. They went above and beyond and they became family! The food is great and it feels like home there. We are grateful for everyone who helped and made us feel at home.

So if you are thinking about this place, go for it and you won’t be dissappointed. We spent so much time there since my ant ended up going on hospice and then passing there. Unfortunately she was terminally ill and she could not recover. We are thankful she had a good place to pass in where she felt loved and at home.

Thank you so much Oak Ridge!!!

G. R.

First, the hospital is clean, clean, clean. I have noticed zero unpleasant smells, and have seen nothing but sparkling floors, clean rooms, and daily or more, changing of bed linens. The staff is also very clean and appropriately dressed. They respond to patients right away. I have not seen any bell go ringing unanswered. All of the CNA’s and the RN’s treat the patients with respect, compassion, and dignity. They do not have an easy job, as sometimes residents become unruly and abusive. However, I have seen all of the staff be very pleasant to residents and visitors alike. They make sure that everyone is at the meals, or is fed. Proper steps are taken for those with swallowing issues or feeding issues. All residents are bathed or showered daily, and I have not witnessed anyone not in clean clothes, with socks and/or shoes. If I ask a question, I get a prompt answer and there is a lot of concern for the residents. I have been in other facilities where residents are on ignore. That does not happen at Oak Ridge.

Sandra T.

This is the 2nd skilled care facility my mom has been in and the staff by far is the best I have come across.  All the nurses and staff take great care of the patients. My mom’s medications were closely monitored and adjusted if needed.  Meals were served 3 times a day; if she didn’t like what was offered all she had to do was ask for something else and they were happy to bring it for her. They also met with us to go over her care, needs and preferences. The staff was very prompt when I had questions and also took the time to talk with us about my mom’s condition and what to expect. I can’t say enough good things about this place. Oh and don’t be fooled by the dated architecture of the building it is clean clean clean and very well maintained.  This almost swayed me in my choice upon arrival from our not so great experience with the hospital case workers (but that’s another story) so glad it didn’t.

Katie K.

My grandfather has only been here for a week, but so far so good. The staff is very attentive when we are there to visit. Both my grandfather and his roommate say the staff is wonderful and couldn’t be nicer, and that makes me happy!

Lindsey C.

Medicare 5-star overall rating from Medicare.gov

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